There are so many ways to help, it’s hard to list them all. First of all, read up on the injustices done in this country. Education is the key. I was a staunch republican “Lock then all up and throw away the key” type until I learned of the alarming prison rates in America.  It is difficult for anyone to believe the things that go on every day in our justice system unless they’ve experienced them first hand.

After you’ve had that epiphany and realized that our legislators aren’t telling us everything, then you will begin to notice little things you can do to help change the lives of millions of Americans for the better. Whether it’s a petition drive, a rally, or just a letter to an inmate telling him or her that you feel for them. Donations are always appreciated, because as you know, social change doesn’t come cheap.

I’ve included a form that let’s us know you care and what you’d like to help out with as well as a Paypal donation button. ANYTHING you do for the cause will be appreciated.


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